2008–13 Anniversary-an act of memory

Solo, collective, and multilingual recitations from memory of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, a performance series in 60 acts.

On the 14 June 2013, the day of the sixtieth and concluding act of Anniversary—an act of memory at the 23rd session of the United Nations Human Rights Council in Geneva, Switzerland, Monica Ross died of cancer.

The sixty performances reached their conclusion as a series but it is a sincere hope that others may be encouraged and inspired to continue the endeavour to promote human rights throughout the world and if using Anniversary—an act of memory as a model or template, Monica Ross would be only too delighted.

The performances may have concluded but the work will continue.

View recitations on youtube here and actsofmemory on facebook here

‘Remembering, Repeating and Working Through in Anniversary – An Act of Memory by Monica Ross and Co-Recitors (2008-)’ Performance Research, vol. 17, no. 5 (2012) ‘On Duration’, pp. 24-30. Alexandra M Kokoli http://dx.doi.org/10.1080/13528165.2012.728436

Monica Ross and Co-recitors, 2008–13.

Act 01 07.12.2008 Taking Liberties: the struggle for Britain’s freedom and rights, the British Library, London: solo
Act 02 10.12.2008 West Midlands BBC, The Mailbox, Birmingham: solo
Act 03 13.12.2008 WAR, Supper Club, The Basement, Brighton: collective
Act 04 27.01.2009 Changing the Face of Human Rights, British Institute of Human Rights Conference: solo
Act 05 05.02.2009 SOLON War Crimes Conference, Institute for Advanced Legal Studies, London: solo
Act 06 05.03.2009 The Women’s Library, London Metropolitan University: collective
Act 07 21.03.2009 Rattling the Cage, exhibition, Phoenix, Brighton: collective
Act 08 17.05.2009 Jorn Ebner Showroom, Berlin: with Maria Morata
Act 09 14.07.2009 Di McDonald’s retirement, Nuclear Information Services, House of Commons: collective
Act 10 19.07.2009 Peace Messenger Picnic, Brighton and Hove Lawns: collective
Act 11 15.08.2009 O ur Rights Remembered, The Whitworth, Manchester: collective
Act 12 16.08.2010 O ur Rights Remembered, The John Rylands Library, Manchester: collective
Act 13 19.09.2009 Beaconsfield, London: collective
Act 14 20.09.2009 sound box, Tricycle Theatre, London: solo
Act 15 23.09.2009 Free Word, London: collective
Act 16 11.01.2010 radiofreebrighton.org.uk: solo
Act 17 01.02.2010 Vocal Crossings 11, Act 2 of XENON: an exploded opera by Mikhail Karikis, Kings Place, London
Act 18 05.02.2010 The Great Hall, Dartington, Devon: solo
Act 19 13.02.2010 Space For Thought Festival, London School of Economics: collective
Act 20 08.03.2010 International Women’s Day Seminar, APLAW, OXFAM, Garden Court Chambers, London: solo
Act 21 13.03.2010 International Women’s Week, Stratford Circus East, London: collective
Act 22 17.03.2010 Rootstein Hopkins Parade Ground, Chelsea College of Art and Design, London: collective
Act 23 13.05.2010 solo in Act 2 of XENON: an exploded opera by Mikhail Karikis, Sallis Benney Theatre, Brighton
Act 24 27.06.2010 solo in Act 2 of XENON: an exploded opera by Mikhail Karikis, Whitstable Biennale
Act 25 27.06.2010 solo in Act 2 of XENON: an exploded opera by Mikhail Karikis, Whitstable Biennale
Act 26 21.08.2010 sommer.bar TANZ IM AUGUST, Podewil, Berlin 2010: collective
Act 27 29.09.2010 O rduithe at Live @8, Galway Museum Square, Galway, Eire: collective
Act 28 23.10.2010 solo in Act 2 of XENON: an exploded opera by Mikhail Karikis, Kings Place, London
Act 29 26.10.2010 solo in Act 2 of XENON: an exploded opera by Mikhail Karikis, Canterbury Festival 2010
Act 30 28.10.2010 Critical Reflections, Inside Out Festival 2010, London: collective
Act 31 29.05.2011 Brighton Festival: collective
Act 32 14.07.2011 Cumbria Multi-Cultural Women’s Network, Barrow, presented by Lanternhouse: collective
Act 33 16.07.2011 Lanternhouse, Ulverston, Cumbria: collective
Act 34 21.09.2011 Swiss Cottage Library Gallery, London: collective
Act 35 29.10.2011 Scarborough Library and Information Centre, presented by Crescent Arts, Scarborough: collective
Act 36 02.11.2011 To Reverse the Usual Order of Things, BALTIC, Gateshead, Wunderbar Festival: with Signer-Recitors
Act 37 01.12.2011 Counterpoint/ Platforma Festival 2011, Rochelle School, London: collective
Act 38 10.12.2011 We Are All Equal presented by Site Gallery, Sheffield: collective
Act 39 20.01.2012 part of Speak Up, Speak Out, New Schoolhouse Gallery, York: solo
Act 40 17.02.2012 Arnolfini, Bristol: collective
Act 41 31.03.2012 Fierce Festival, grounds of Birmingham Cathedral, presented by VIVID, Birmingham: collective
Act 42 01.05.2012 MAY DAY… MAY DAY… test streaming, live stream from Lighthouse, Brighton: solo
Act 43 04.06.2012 Redbridge Green Fair, Essex: collective
Act 44 20.06.2012 Winning Hearts and Minds, A Project by Critical Art Ensemble documenta 13, Kassel, Germany: solo
Act 45 11.08.2012 THE REAL TRUTH A WORLD’S FAIR A Project by Suzanne Treister, Raven Row, London: solo
Act 46 10.10.2012 The Federation of International Human Rights Museums conference, Liverpool: collective
Act 47 13.11.2012 Southwark Cathedral with children from Southwark Cathedral School, London
Act 48 16.11.2012 Accion! MAD 2012, Museo Nacional Reine Sofia, Madrid: solo
Act 49 24.11.2012 Experimentica 2012: Unseen, Chapter, Cardiff, Wales: collective
Act 50 01.12.2012 World Aids Day, FEM 2012, Girona, Spain: collective
Act 51 21.01.2013 Martin Luther King Day, Bader International Study Centre, Herstmonceux Castle, East Sussex: collective
Act 52 08.03.2013 International Women’s Day 2013, The Globe Gallery Newcastle upon Tyne: collective
Act 53 22.04.2013 Nidum Theatre, Neath Port Talbot College: collective
Act 54 02.05.2013 O yster Project, Lewes: collective
Act 55 21.05.2013 Promised Land, Dilston Grove, London: collective
Act 56 28.05.2013 Speech Acts 3, Cambridge: solo
Act 57 30.05.2013 Raised Voices Choir, SOAS, London: collective
Act 58 08.06.2013 Woodhorn Museum, Northumberland: collective
Act 59 13.06.2013 Human Rights Council, United Nations, Geneva: collective
Act 60 14.06.2013 Human Rights Council, United Nations, Geneva: collective