1994 fall

Installation in two sections; blue perspex, constructed wall, corridor, peep-hole, red perspex, black perspex, metronome, relayed video feed.

Chapter, Cardiff, Wales, 1994

“‘impasse—state of emergency—passage—fall’. Titles which suggest change, instability, and even unrest. These are the titles through which Monica Ross designates her work. They are disquieting and ambiguous in their understatement. state of emergency is the most demonstrative, but on considering possible interpretations it becomes as fluid as the others; fluid and potentially subversive. Language is important to Monica Ross, and this new work—fall—resides between the visual, the verbal, and the metaphysical. Its object lies in the encounter. We, the spectators, are drawn into an encounter and before we know it are unwitting participants. We find ourselves in a position which John Seth, in his text for fall suggests is a threshold. In fact we pass through several thresholds within the work, both physical and conceptual, and beyond the point of exit. fall is measured; physically, intellectually and intuitively. The visitor might be aware of this empathetically and the work leads us, if we allow it, through the purely involuntary response of conscious and even calculated risk.”

Stuart Cameron, from the publication fall