1997 justfornow (and then)


Physical work in real time, transcription traces a relationship between the actual and virtual as a bodily process becomes formatted into the rapid economy of the computer. transcription is predicated on the physical body as both the home of thought and the agent of its materialisation by whatever technical means.

Given that sensory experience exceeds the legibility of infomatic systems, this form of inscription is an attempt to reproduce illegibility as a form of intrigue rather than information. Transcribing the essay in the outmoded appearance of ‘handwriting’ registers the actuality of being and the ritual of repetition as a means of reproduction. Doing so renders the original almost indecipherable, as does distributing it as fragments, captioned in windows, over time. These captioned fragments attempt to operate as signposts towards the unexpected, rather than expected, connections between events and information in contemporary experience.

transcript ISIS Arts, Newcastle upon Tyne 2003
taking time Burning Bush Festival, Dundee, 2002
connectionscript connectingprinciple University of Newcastle 2002
act of love Lovesick Exhibition, Bergen Kunsthalle, Norway, 2001
iris A Show About Time Milch, London 1998 (cat)
justfornow (and then) Roots: Running Out Of Time; Lcida, Hull Time Based Arts 1997
Performance text folded, enveloped, and posted by unknown members of the audience to pre-addressed recipients.